What Are The Steps To Clean Epson Print head?

A print head is very common in every printer. Some of the printing machines contain various types of media. If you have Epson machine for printing and the prints results are coming out faint, incomplete or with lines, then chances are there that you have a clogged nozzle. This is very common and mostly causes when the machine is not in working from many days.


A small amount of ink residue dries up and gathers in the nozzle causing Printhead issue. To avoid such problem, don’t use the cartridge when it is low in ink. Use Laser printers which use toner powder and
don’t dry up at all.

Solve the problem of Printhead by using Head Cleaning Utility.

Please note the following points before using it:

  • Do not start the HCU when printing is in progress, otherwise your Epson printer may be ruined.
  • Use the Nozzle Check Utility to make sure that the print head is cleaned.
  • If the ink out light in flashing or On, don’t clean the print head. First, replace the ink cartridge and then continue the process.

Now, follow the below steps:

  1. Confirm that the printer is turned on and all check lights are off.
  2. Open Head Cleaning Utility and Go to Head Cleaning.
  3. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to continue the process.
  4. Go to Print Nozzle Check Pattern in the Head Cleaning dialog box to make sure that the head is clean and to reset the cleaning cycle.

If, this doesn’t solve the issue and missing dots are available after cleaning, follow the given instructions to solve the issue:

  • Navigate to PWR Cleaning from the Control Panel Section on the printer.
  • Follow the same process at least four times, turn off the printer and leave it alone overnight and try head cleaning again.
  • Replace some of the ink cartridges as they may be old or damaged.

If you still find some difficulty, then contact Epson Printer Support Number Canada 1-844-888-3870 and get an instant help from the support team. Don’t waste a hefty amount when you can get the services in economical rates. When you look for premium quality printing services, choose us for best results. Our services are not just excellent but helpful for all users, who are looking for an immediate help.



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